A little bit about Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading is indeed an amazingly gentle technique used extensively to remove peach fuzz and unwanted facial hair. We use pure cotton anti-bacterial thread to twist it over the hair into double strands. This process is the most natural way of entwining unwanted hair in the thread and lifting it out from the follicular level. There are myths about the process of threading being very painful but the reality is when performed by professional threading specialist in the proper manner with the right technique and precautions, the process should be absolutely painless. By removing strips of hair with the threads, you will find a very clean, attractive, and precise hairline with a smooth finish.
The process of eyebrow threading is indeed an upcoming trend in the United States, Canada and Western Countries. History and research reveal the practice originated in ancient times in Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Persian women in ancient times used this method to get rid of facial hair and to shape the eyebrows. This method was generally restricted, only to be used by girls on their wedding day. Over the years, this technique has gained rapid momentum. Today, women often have this treatment performed to shape their eyebrows and clean peach fuzz from the follicle to look beautiful.
Today, eyebrow threading is not only limited to women, but many men also receive these services to shape their eyebrows for a clean, handsome look. Various cosmetology practices continue to adopt this method of hair removal which is becoming a very predominant service in American culture. Most women who perform eyebrow threading are influenced by their elders, making it an absolutely amazing and unique experience with stunningly beautiful results.
Threading is safer and more gentles for those with sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin often struggle with hair removal due to harsh chemicals that damage the skin. Waxing, tweezing and even depilatory creams can burn the skin, leaving it raw or blistered, with possible scars and irritated skin.
Eyebrow threading is less expensive than other procedures, such as waxing or laser hair removal.
The amount of pain for any hair removal method imparts may vary among individuals Most people who prefer eyebrow threading believe it is one of the least painful methods.
Threading is often the best option for people who take strong medication such as Accutane, Renova, Tazorac, Differin or Retina-A. Threading is safe for those who have particularly dry skin, or have a sunburn. You should never use wax on your skin to remove hair if you are taking acutance medication.

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